Top of the World & More-November 23rd 2008

Top of the World and More

Since the weather was holding, a small group of us informally decided to run to the Top of the World. This trail is located on 128 out near the Dewey Bridge Recreational Area. Four rigs reported to the cinema at 9:00am and we were off.

All was well until we hit the main gravel road going back toward the trail when we came across a man who had driven his ATV over an embankment and straight down about 20 feet onto the rocks.

Somehow he had pulled himself back onto the side of the road but was in a bad way with a broken leg and serious facial trauma. After some struggles to get a cell signal, 911 was called and shortly later a policeman and ambulance was escorted back to the victim.

Now it was 11:30 and after all that excitement everyone was still anxious to keep going. Ber took us down to cross over the Delores river and then we went up to the Top of the World.

With the exception of one rig getting high centered, all was well. Lunch was eaten and photos were taken at the overlook

and then we were quickly off to find Rose Garden Hill.

Ber took us over hill and dale, through canyons and cliff climbs with some very narrow areas that got the old pulse rate going as your rig began to slide.To top it off, at the most difficult spot, Melanie got a flat tire. She was able to get her Jeep up to the main road and we put on her spare.

Now, time was passing quickly and we were racing the sunset. After more bumping (no wonder my shock is leaking) and meandering across some phenomenal landscapes, we made it to Rose Garden Hill just as the sun was starting to set.

We all went down Rose Garden without much problem and made our way out to Onion Creek road. As we were almost out, Melanie decided to slide off an embankment in some loose sand.

She was able to back herself out pretty quickly but now it was dark as you can see in the photo. The drive out Onion Creek was easy and probably beautiful. I’ll have to do it again in the daylight.

We made it back to Moab around 6:30pm. Fun but long day!!!

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