The Flooded Pickle

Today’s guest blogger is Glen Richardson……good job Glen!
Feel free to send trail reports anytime and I will work to get them into the website.
A group of eight rigs met at the Cinema Saturday morning for a run on the The Pickle and Mashed Potatoes.
We were all surprised and pleased to have Joanne and Mike Kelsoe show up to visit with us before we headed for the trails. Less than a week after back surgery Mike was up and about with the use of a walker.
Once we got to the trail, Rick took the lead and the rest of us followed along. John and Nancy were in their JK and elected to bypass the trail. They hiked in from the far end of trail and met up with us. Everyone made it up the first climb with a strap being used only once.
Not knowing the condition of the trail after the recent rains, Dee suggested that we walk up to the next obstacle to be sure it looked passable. Once we saw that there was no trail damage we proceeded on to that second obstacle.
Rick’s new wheel and tire combo made his Sami the perfect width to drive right through the narrow opening on the left. I was next and drove through with my passenger side up on the ledge and my driver’s side down in the slot. My cage keep me somewhat upright and I drove through with lots of good coaching from John.
We had a 4 door JK from Florida who followed the line I took. He did a great job. We eventually put a strap on his passenger front corner just to keep his hardtop from getting damaged. He could have driven through, but there was no need to intentionally damage a good top.
The rest of the group took the line to the right. With two or three rigs left to make that climb it started to rain. The raindrops were big and cold and it took no time at all for us to get soaked and for the trail to become quite slippery. After some strapping and winching in the rain we got everyone up that second obstacle. The rain stopped, but no sooner than it did the water level started to rise from runoff further up the canyon.
The prudent thing to do at this point was to hurry on to the end of the trail as fast as we could as getting caught in that narrow canyon in a flash flood did not sound appealing. My Jeep happened to be at the front of the line at that point and I pulled up to the waterfall at the end of the trail to let Dee pass me so that she could lead the group up the bypass around the waterfall. By that point the water was coming over the waterfall at a pretty good clip.
As Dee headed up the bypass I looked at the waterfall and thought “what the heck” I may as well give it a shot. Larry Long caught a picture of me coming up the falls through the oncoming water.
The rest of the group has sense enough to bypass the waterfall and we all headed for higher ground. As we stopped to eat our lunch we continued to see waves of water come down the canyon from the drainage area upstream.
It was agreed that we’d had enough for one day so we opted to not run Mashed Potatoes.
I’m attaching a series of photos. They area compilation of photos taken by me, Dee, and Larry. Thanks to Rick, Dee, and John for leading and/or spotting. It was a good day and the weather made it particularly memorable.
This was a great group that worked well together under somewhat unusual circumstances. We all left with stories to tell.
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