Snowy Steelbender


The day dawned sunny and not quite so cold. Could this be a sign of spring? Probably not, but we’ll take the warmer temps. A group of 7 rigs met out at the South Shell station to run Steelbender trail.

Jeff elected to lead the group and we made our way out to the “airing down” spot. (I hope this isn’t contributing to the inversion!)

The group worked its way down the switchbacks and across the creek crossings without incident.

Gary tried his Samurai, named “Chaco” on a small shelf.

Next came the obstacle called Diane’s bump. This turned out to be more than a bump and a few struggled to get up this wall.

Larry did the “Moab wave”

So did Gene.

After everyone went up or around, we continued to work our way over to the lunch spot and the “draggin’ tail” obstacle.

Although this obstacle looks intimidating, its not so bad. Everyone went down (funny how gravity works that way) without incident and we took off through the snow.

Up to the snow covered and muddy “dragon tongue”. Everyone who wanted to take this line made it although it was very slippery and some had to give it a second try.

After a brief stop to address a shredding fan belt, we worked our way out to the end of this trail. Everyone had a great time (as always) and we finished with plenty of daylight.

Nice trail in the snow. The ice and mud gives this trail an added edge and we had lots of excitement. Two thumbs up for the second trail of the year.

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