Moab Rim

Moab Rim on Saturday, July 13th. We got an early start to again try to beat the heat and so I apologize that some of these photos are dark. We were at least in the shade going up the Rim.

Dee was our trail leader today with a group of 3 Jeeps and 2 Samurais.


Across the Colorado from the Moab Rim trail head, you can see Little Arch up on the Poison Spider Mesa.


Dee led the way up the Rim.


Up and over the Devil’s Crack.


This is absolutely one of my favorite views in Moab. I love to see the Jeeps climbing up the trail with the Portal in the background.


Now we’re getting into better lighting with Dee leading the way up the Z turn.


Susan & Jeff & Gene making their way up in the Samurais.


Here’s Dee, giving some spotting advice and driving instructions to Glen. She took her trail leading responsibilities seriously and so did we!


Glen posed for a photo with MoabyJ. Sorry it was a bit dark.


At the top of the Rim and out in the sunlight, here’s Redroxx posing for a photo.


And Dee’s truck, Roxanne, also posing for a scenic photo.


Up the steep Slickrock Dome, then down the sand hill.


Dee tried to make it back up the sand hill, without any luck. I tried too but the sand was too deep and too fine today. Defeated!


We circled back around at this point to finish the trail before it got too hot. Does this sound like a recurring theme? A nice view of redrock country.


There was a bit of work to be done. There is a pole that used to mark private property that the BLM asked us to remove. It’s all BLM land now, which is great news, so we took it down.


Then it was back down the rim to the parking area, about a 2 1/2 hr. trail. Back to the A/C and later, the MFFW meeting.


Another great day! See ya on the trail! At least, I will when I get back to Utah in late August. :-(

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