Labor Day Pritchett

Lots of folks were in Moab for the busy Labor Day weekend and the WebeJeepers decided to run Pritchett Canyon. Melanie volunteered to be the first one to drive our Clubby Buggy that David Garbs had donated the weekend before. Now Clubby might not be much to look at but this little Samurai has had a long history in Moab. Once it was even known as Mad Cow and belonged to Holly Jensen. Now, it’s just an old Samurai that belongs to the MFFW.



Here’s Jeff giving Melanie an inservice on how to operate the vehicle. Now after a quick spin down the pavement, she’s surely ready to tackle an easy trip up Pritchett Canyon. Let’s tip-toe Melanie.


Well, apparently Melanie is not going to tip-toe. She is going to stomp her way through the Canyon, taking the harder lines. Well, this is the first obstacle, let’s see how the rest of the day goes……


Hmmmm……the Brick Yard, and once again, Melanie has selected the big line. She walked it! Do you think Pritchett is going easy on her this time?


Well, it’s not all about Melanie. Yes, Melanie, it’s true! Anyway, Robert was visiting us from El Paso, Texas in his Texas sized Scrambler.


This is one pretty truck.


Larry was out today too and did a nice and thorough job at giving advice. Good spotting on Chewy.


Susan climbed Chewy for the first time in quite awhile. I think everyone drove Chewy today.


Robert found the tippy spot on Chewy. Those 47’s make his truck lean!


Gary Lee drove like a champ until shortly before Rocker Knocker. He lost a hub but was still successful in making it most of the way up the obstacles before needing some assist.


Okay Melanie, stop pestering me! I’ll write about you for a while. After an impressive, yet scary climb up Chewy, Clubby Buggy rocks Rocker Knocker. As Robert would say, “What-ta-hay?” Who does Pritchett unassisted on their first time in a little Samurai?


Susan shows how Rocker Knocker is done.


And Robert does too.


We stopped for lunch at the top of Rocker Knocker. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of Robert’s truck. Someone could break a leg just getting out of it.


Diffe’s dump and Susan makes it look easy.


Jim makes it look easy too.

IMG_1611 IMG_1612

Melanie fought some old fears here. I think she’s bonding with Clubby….


Robert looks like he’s on his way to the grocery store. Is there an obstacle somewhere under this truck?


Survivors of Axle Hill. It sure was getting hot at this point. Start looking for angry lizards….they attack when the temperatures climb, right Molly?


And the second best driver of the day (after Jeff, of course) is Melanie in old Clubby Buggy. Axle Hill is no big deal.


Well, what do we have here? Colonel Klink? What could Jeff possibly be thinking?

a. Could this plastic lens help my Rockpile chances? Well, it couldn’t hurt!

b. Is that Melanie really driving an old, worn out Samurai in Pritchett? I need my spectacles!

c. This lens started out as a hand full of sand this morning. It was so hot here in Pritchett, it turned to glass!

d. My names Forrest, Forrest Stevens and I’m from Moab, ALABAMA!


And, here’s the poser! Except she’s not a poser. She really drove Pritchett unassisted. It was great to see Melanie full of smiles and laughter all day. Every dog has it’s day and Melanie and Clubby Buggy had theirs. Good job! Great trail day!


See ya on the trail!


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