Kane Creek, New Year's Eve

The day dawned super cold and those who received seat heaters from Santa had them cranked up to maximum power. A large group of 8 rigs reported to the Cinema to run this potentially icy trail. Yours truly was asked to lead the trail and I nervously agreed. We made our way out to the trail head under a winter sky that was sunny but NOT warm.

We began the trail and all was well. We warmed our tires up on a few little obstacles before getting to the creek crossings….







Gary wanted to check the flex on his new Samurai…..seems to work well

Then we began the 50-60 creek crossings. I don’t know exactly how many there are on this trail but I can tell you that all of them were filled with ICE. My Jeep became an ice breaker. Luckily the creek’s not too deep this time of the year and everyone stayed dry.

After a cold and shady lunch stop, we worked our way up to what Jim refers to as Hamburger Hill. This is a ledgy part of the trail that often leads the line very close to the cliff edge. With snow and possibly ice, we were a bit worried. Luckily the sun was shining down on this part of the trail and although it was wet, most of the snow was melted.

After spending a bit of time getting everyone through this part of the trail, we made our way along the cliff to the waterfall area. We were surprised to find that this obstacle was quite easy. Apparently this trail has received some “repairs” in the not so distant past, leaving this former obstacle as barely a bump in the road.

Other than a broken air compressor and a temporarily malfunctioning front locker, there were no casualties on this trail. Everyone had a nice time and felt this was a nice end to 2008.

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