Kane Creek After a Flash Flood


Last Sunday, over Labor Day weekend, a small group decided to run Kane Creek.


The day was sunny and beautiful with that late summer mix of clouds and sun that make every photo look great.


The first portion of the trail is so scenic and dry. It’s hard to believe that we will soon be crossing Kane Creek many times.


Beautiful trail. I guess we should be enjoying this portion because all of that is about to change.


The group gets to a tight portion of the trail.


Larry has to problems getting over it.


Gene and Irma made it look easy too. Go MoabyJ.


This Scrambler was almost wider than the trail in spots! But soon enough, we descended into the creek area and realized that a major flash flood had been through recently.


You can see from Ber’s route that the flash flood has placed major amounts of brush over the trail.


Lots of erosion of the creek bed and lots of damage to plants and trees.


A few of the cottonwoods were down, partially blocking the trail. Path finding was tricky. Luckily Larry had his GPS running. After slow and careful progress and a stop for lunch, we came upon an amazing sight.


A Montero SUV had been caught in the flash flood.


The hood was further down the creek bed.


The entire vehicle is full of silt, trees, and brush. It is totally destroyed.


Glen made a search of the truck for a VIN or a license plate. Both must have magically been removed in the flood. Or more likely, the owners realized the high price to recover this vehicle and removed them. By law, this vehicle needs to be removed at the cost of the owner and that would likely mean a helicopter removal based on where this truck is located and the amount of damage sustained.

So, after checking out the truck, we worked our way up towards the shelf road when what happened?


My little Jeep found the quicksand….


Yep, I’m stuck, stuck, stuck! I look happy, huh?!?


Could I sink any more? Up to the frame!


After an unsuccessful attempt to pull me forward, Glen pulled me back out of that mess. Thanks for climbing through the creek water and mud Glen! You’re awesome.


What could Melissa possibly be thinking?

a. Who said Kane Creek has a trail rating of 6? Oh…..I did…..

b. Are we ever going to get out of here?

c. Why did I bring my grocery getter? Should’ve brought Redroxx.

d. Oh well, it’ll buff out!

After an uneventful climb up Hamburger hill, we stopped by the now gentle creek for a quick break. Melanie decided to play in the water.


I snapped this shot of Robert’s truck. I thought it was so pretty with the blue sky, clouds, and redrock.


Here we are at the end of the trail. It was an interesting day to say the least. Funny when a Kane Creek day is more exciting than a Pritchett day.


Thanks all and see ya on the trail!


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