Day Canyon Point


A small group of Jeeps made the trip to visit Day Canyon Point. This will be a new trail for the 2014 Easter Jeep Safari. Interestingly enough, only one person in our group had ever been out to Day Canyon and she wasn’t quite sure how to get there. Luckily, we had a copy of Jack Bicker’s book on the area and it gave a small map with a trail description. So, with this little bit of information, we decided to journey out to see if we could find Day Canyon or at least spend the day wandering the desert.


We started at the base of Long Canyon as the trail description shows that it is a side trail off of the Long Canyon road near the turn off to Dead Horse State park. I love this area, it is so scenic and today was no different.


What would Long Canyon be without a photo of Jeeps driving under the large boulder?


A view from near the top!


And this cool mushroom shaped rock. Everyone has a story about someone jumping over to it. I’ve always wanted to but chicken out as the consequences for a miss are pretty high….


Jack’s description of the area was fairly accurate and we also found several ribbons on trees and stacked rocks to help us stay on trail. This is definitely not a regular traveled path but with Susan as my navigator, we picked our way to the end.


And got this awesome view looking down at the Potash road and the Colorado River. We could also see Bowtie Arch and over into the Where Eagles Dare and Golden Spike area. Dee thought that part of this trail would be a good place to watch the Easter Safari as you could see nearly every trail in the region.


It turned out to be a nice, scenic, and easy Jeep day. The trail was not well traveled but we enjoyed scouting for it and everyone seemed to have a great time.

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