Flat Iron Mesa

On June 29th, Ber, Glen, and I went out to run Flat Iron Mesa. 191 has seen a lot of resurfacing and construction this summer and today was no different. We got caught in single lane traffic and had to wait for the pilot car, only to veer off halfway through the construction zone to catch the trailhead. The asphalt crew were quite interested and watched us from the highway while we made our way into the back country. Ber led the way over the infrequently traveled Flat Iron Mesa. I believe 90% of its annual traffic happens over Easter Week. This was true today as well as the trail was ours....maybe the 100 degree heat had something to do with it. We picked up a few items of trash and made our way through the first portion of the trail. During the second half of the trail is where the … [Read more...]

La Sal Pass

A group from the MFFW club went up to clean the La Sal Pass road, our club's sponsored trail. Several in the group were looking forward to beating the heat and leaving summer in the desert for springtime in the mountains. As we began to climb up into the Aspen groves, you can barely see the Moab desert peeping between the trees. It is much cooler up here and a pleasant change to our typical Jeeping in the redrock. I recently moved one of my Georgia Jeeps back to Moab and she seems to prefer the trail over going to the grocery store. Some of you might recognize the Jeep as Diffe. She's now living at the Fischer household while Melanie builds a buggy. It's easy to get distracted from the trail work in this type of environment. The wildflowers were incredible today and Charlotte … [Read more...]

Pritchett! What more can you say?

Sunday, May 26th, 2013, a large group of locals and guests from Georgia went out to run Pritchett Canyon. The day dawned beautiful but threatened to be a hot one so we hurried to get started on what turned out to be typical Pritchett Jeep revenge. Melanie was riding with me so captured some shots from the inside of Redroxx, showing how beautiful the canyon is. The first 2 miles are pretty uneventful so it is a perfect time to take in the scenery. The first little side obstacle made for some good photo opportunities. We quickly moved to the Brickyard obstacle and then on to Chewy. We had a bit of a wait here for a group in front of us but soon had the opportunity to give it a try. Chewy is a long and difficult obstacle but everyone gave a great show. Susan giving the … [Read more...]