Snow Run-December 27th

Talk about a cold and snowy day in Moab. Those who wonder if Moab is always warm and whether it snows in the winter should check out these pictures. I think it started somewhere around 10 degrees this morning but once the sun started shining down, it felt warmer than it was. (Well, true I was in a closed in Wrangler with the heater running but everyone else didn't look too cold.) A good group showed up at the Shell station including Gary Lee in his NEW Samurai. This was his trail test and his new rig performed very well. After airing down and a failed attempt to get up the Big Ugly obstacle,   we were on our gentle way up Black Mesa. Jim was leading the way and was following in an ATV track that had been on the same trail the day before. We climbed higher and higher. Finally, … [Read more...]

Porcupine Rim Trail-December 6th

Greetings and Happy Holidays! Incredibly the weather is holding nicely for Jeepin' in the Moab! We had a request from a Castle Valley resident to run Porcupine Rim. This is not a terribly difficult trail although there are a few ledges here and there but it is a little bumpy. Okay, it's a lot bumpy. But there are rewards in that the views are fantastic. We had 4 Jeeps, a full sized truck, and 1 Suzuki in the group and we headed off on the trail. This trail begins off of Sand Flats Road in the Recreation area just east of Moab. We aired down and worked our way along the trail......... up and over a few obstacles, making our way to the overlook and lunch spot. This is a view of Castle Rock and the Priest and Nuns overlooking Castle Valley. We spent some time identifying Rick's and … [Read more...]

Rainbow Terrace-November 29th

A good group showed up promptly at the Cinema for a scenic and interesting trip over to Rainbow Terrace. We began the trip over on Spring Canyon Road off of 313, where we aired down. Jim then led us over to see some Barrier Rock Art which is several thousand years old. After the group took their photos, we picked our way over to Dellenbaugh Tunnel. We hiked down to the tunnel and explored it through to the other side. After a bit of hiking, it was back to the Jeeps (and one Suzuki) for a drive over to the lunch stop, Secret Spire. This is an incredible rock formation and the weather was warm so this was an enjoyable place to take a break. After lunch, the horn blew and it was time to do the second half of the trail. We were back on the county roand and over to Rainbow … [Read more...]