Snowy Steelbender

Hurrah! The day dawned sunny and not quite so cold. Could this be a sign of spring? Probably not, but we'll take the warmer temps. A group of 7 rigs met out at the South Shell station to run Steelbender trail. Jeff elected to lead the group and we made our way out to the "airing down" spot. (I hope this isn't contributing to the inversion!) The group worked its way down the switchbacks and across the creek crossings without incident. Gary tried his Samurai, named "Chaco" on a small shelf. Next came the obstacle called Diane's bump. This turned out to be more than a bump and a few struggled to get up this wall. Larry did the "Moab wave" So did Gene. After everyone went up or around, we continued to work our way over to the lunch spot and the "draggin' tail" … [Read more...]

Poison Spider-New Year 2009!!

Yes, once again, the day dawned bright yet cold. Today the trail left at 10:00am instead of 9:00. This gave those who stayed awake for the new year to get a little sleep before the trail and also allowed the temperatures to reach double digits. Six rigs reported at the cinema, 3 jeeps and 3 samurai's. Jim volunteered to lead and we headed up the Potash road to the Poison Spider trailhead. We made our way up the switchbacks, leading towards the waterfall. The slickrock appeared to be snow-free and dry, leaving us hopeful that the waterfall would also be clear. Once we arrived at the waterfall, we found a large group from Colorado working their way up. The trail gunner knew Jeff and told us that would could go around them as they had a rig running "open". In that somewhat spooky … [Read more...]

Kane Creek, New Year's Eve

The day dawned super cold and those who received seat heaters from Santa had them cranked up to maximum power. A large group of 8 rigs reported to the Cinema to run this potentially icy trail. Yours truly was asked to lead the trail and I nervously agreed. We made our way out to the trail head under a winter sky that was sunny but NOT warm. We began the trail and all was well. We warmed our tires up on a few little obstacles before getting to the creek crossings....             Gary wanted to check the flex on his new Samurai.....seems to work well Then we began the 50-60 creek crossings. I don't know exactly how many there are on this trail but I can tell you that all of them were filled with ICE. My Jeep became an ice breaker. Luckily the creek's not too deep this time of … [Read more...]