Does the title say it all?? U betcha! Do you even know what all those letters mean?? Me neither! But, ask any texting teen and I'm sure they can tell you. A group of four rigs assembled to make the sacred, yet dangerous journey into the heart of BFE......of which we ALL know the "B" stands for BEWARE! Like the summiting of Everest, where percentage of death (or breakage in this case) are widely known to be 25%, 4 rigs means SOMEONE is 100% likely to break. WHOOOOOO could it be???? But, I digress....... The day started with lovely sunshine and a little bit of snow in just the right spots. No trip to BFE is complete without completing the GATEKEEPER! This used to be a *&$#@*$ obstacle but now mother nature has filled it in, it's relatively tame. All went through and barely warmed up … [Read more...]

Moab Rim-January 11th

A very small group (2 rigs) made a quick run up to Moab Rim on Sunday. Jim's gotta beat his 2008, 85 trail season and I think he's trying to do it by EJS! Being a rider today, I decided to make the hike up to the Devil's Crack to catch the rigs coming over it. Whew! No wonder they call it the Moab Stairmaster, that trail is steep! Here's Jim coming over.......can you see the ice chunks in the Colorado river? Next is Gary Lee in his new rig "Chaco"...... Jim and Gary Lee were going so fast up this trail that most of my pictures were blurry. The sand hill was wet and easy, Tire test hill was fun coming down. I did include one more photo of the two guys up at the overlook. What could they possibly be seeing? They never would tell but some possible answers I came up … [Read more...]

Hell's Revenge-January 10th

Is spring actually coming or am I being too hopeful? The sun was out and temperatures were warmer (still only around 40 but much improved over the past few weeks.) A fellow from Yuma, AZ named Brian came out to Moab and got in touch with us through Ber (and our forum). He requested to run Hell's Revenge and we decided to give it a go. There were 5 rigs and Melissa in Redroxx took the lead position. Off we went over the slickrock domes that make this such a special trail. If you don't notice the little patches of snow here and there, you might think it was summertime. After a short break to stabilize Brian's bent up tailpipe, we made it out to the overlook. Yes, Brian bent his tailpipe on an unnamed obstacle that we will now name Brian's boo-boo. (Sorry Brian) Luckily Rick had just … [Read more...]