Pickle & Mashed Potato(e)

Perhaps the trail titles sound like a midnight snack of an expectant mother? A group of 4 went out last Sunday, Feb. 1st to run the Pickle and what we now know is called the Mashed Potato trail. The Pickle is a personal favorite of mine. The day was nice and sunny so off we went. The Pickle is a short trail with 4 decent obstacles and can be run in a good day in about 20-30 minutes. It was a good day. This is a fun, little twisting area that's usually good for a tire lift and some off-camber driving. Technically, it's obstacle #2. I don't know the name of it or if it has a name. Jim likes to take the tough line...... Showin' off......Jim's not havin fun if he's not in a tippy spot or two. Onto what I hear is called the Pickle. (obstacle #4) This is a tough one if your rig is … [Read more...]

Pritchett/Hunter Canyon/BTR Work Day

Four rigs: 3 Samurai's and 1 Jeep, turned up at the Slickrock Cinema for the Pritchett Canyon work day. We made our way to the trail head, aired down, and worked our way quickly to Chewy. This obstacle never ceases to amaze me. I've been driving Pritchett for less than a year and this hill has gone from bad to worse. Everyone had a little trouble getting to the top but eventually we were all up and began working. We repaired the fence-AGAIN!   Once this was finished, we began working our way to a couple of spur roads between the Rocker Knocker obstacle and Axle hill. Our next job was to shut down these dead end spurs to all traffic except hikers. In the meantime, a little fun was had. This area is an optional route that leads through a rocky wash.     Then it was on to the … [Read more...]

Fins Revenge or Hell N Things

A nice sized group from the We be Jeepin' met at the Cinema to do a Fins N Things run including the Steven's new pup Mesa. At the airing down spot Jim suggested that we do the best of Fins (avoiding the bumpiest sections) and then head over to play on Hell's Revenge. Everyone agreed and we were off.... Up and over some of the Sandstone Fins that gives this trail its name. Here's a shot of the dinosaur in the rock. Before lunchtime, we were off the Fins trail and over at the Hell's trailhead. Jeff and Susan's little pup Mesa had a little carsickness (Jeepsick) issue and threw up all over Susan. So, she decided to skip Hell's Revenge. Larry went home with a back ache so it was down to 5 rigs. We proceeded directly to the Hell's Gate obstacle and dropped in from the backside to … [Read more...]