Members Fix Pritchett Canyon

Several Moab Friends for Wheelin' members and friends volunteered for a work project to repair Pritchett Canyon trail just in time for Easter Jeep Safari. An area of trail near the new Down and Dirty obstacle just before Chewy had developed an illegal bypass that threatened to erode the trail and open a sensitive area to scrutiny. With John Picken organizing supplies from the BLM, the group made quick work of the area, placing fencing and signage as well as raking out the area to remove/minimize the tracks.   … [Read more...]

December 2012 MFFW Workdays

Finishing up the year in December, the club installed some additional signage on the Poison Spider route. Jim changed the combination to the lock on the gate to Coyote Canyon. Coyote Canyon is now closed until February 16th 2013.  The club also bought the material and Jim installed a metal roof on the Kane Creek parking kiosk. This brought the clubs volunteer man hours for 2012 to 921. Photos by Nancy and Jim. Jim, Rick, Ber, John and Dee installing sign at the junction of Barney's Overlook and Poison Spider route. Group taking in the view at Barney's Overlook. Sign showing the route back to Poison Spider. Rick had a little problem! He lost a few lug nuts on the way out. Larry and Dee give him a hand and a nut. Photo of damaged roof Kane … [Read more...]

November MFFW workday.

November was a slow month as far as work projects go, we did however manage to conduct a cleanup day of Coyote Canyon on November 10th. We decided to run the route starting from the East since none of us had run it in that direction. After completing the run and after lunch it was decided to run the route again starting from the West. Jim made it over the gate keeping rock then destroyed his driver side stub axle.  Photos by Jim and Jeff. Five truck at the gate to Coyote Canyon, Jim, Jeff, Susan, Rick, Tyler with David as rider. DeVon and Marlene were also present to help. Line up of vehicles after the first large obstacle. Tyler and David dropping off ledge by large rock. Rick going through the squeeze area. Susan wrestling with a rather large … [Read more...]