Metal Masher Trail Report-November 22nd

A group of 8 rigs met at the Slickrock Cinema to run the Metal Masher trail. The day dawned clear and cool but warmed up later and turned out to be a great Jeepin’ day. The trail was uneventful until we arrived at Rock Chucker. This obstacle is never friendly but some days it seems easier than others. It wasn’t nice on Saturday. Jeff went up in the Samurai and then spotted for the rest of the group. Rick ended up with his tail pipe dragging and a little damage to his tire cover. Matt needed a strap. Melissa got up okay as did Susan and Larry. Melanie got quite a scuff on her plastic JK bumper and had to back off the obstacle. (I have a feeling that bumper’s going to be converted to metal soon.) After all that, lunch was called. After lunch, we were off through Mirror Gulch and the … [Read more...]