Coyote Canyon

Moab Friends For Wheelin' applied for a permit to run Coyote Canyon on Saturday. This trail has limited use (Friday and Saturday only) and no winter runs. The permit is free but limited to one group per day with a maximum of 7 vehicles. We had some last minute cancellations so ended up with 4 vehicles, a perfect size for this short but difficult trail. As this short but difficult wash has some boulder movement, there are not really named obstacles that I am aware of but this first steep area is your typical gatekeeper. Glen and Jeff go on foot to scout out the first obstacle. And, let the bouldering begin! The sheer number and size of the rocks in this wash take careful tire placement to avoid being caught on the differentials. Jeff makes it through pretty easily. This … [Read more...]

Kane Creek After a Flash Flood

Last Sunday, over Labor Day weekend, a small group decided to run Kane Creek. The day was sunny and beautiful with that late summer mix of clouds and sun that make every photo look great. The first portion of the trail is so scenic and dry. It's hard to believe that we will soon be crossing Kane Creek many times. Beautiful trail. I guess we should be enjoying this portion because all of that is about to change. The group gets to a tight portion of the trail. Larry has to problems getting over it. Gene and Irma made it look easy too. Go MoabyJ. This Scrambler was almost wider than the trail in spots! But soon enough, we descended into the creek area and realized that a major flash flood had been through recently. You can see from Ber's route that the flash flood has … [Read more...]

Labor Day Pritchett

Lots of folks were in Moab for the busy Labor Day weekend and the WebeJeepers¬†decided to run Pritchett Canyon. Melanie volunteered to be the first one to drive our Clubby Buggy that David Garbs had donated the weekend before. Now Clubby might not be much to look at but this little Samurai has had a long history in Moab. Once it was even known as Mad Cow and belonged to Holly Jensen. Now, it's just an old Samurai that belongs to the MFFW.   Here's Jeff giving Melanie an inservice on how to operate the vehicle. Now after a quick spin down the pavement, she's surely ready to tackle an easy trip up Pritchett Canyon. Let's tip-toe Melanie. Well, apparently Melanie is not going to tip-toe. She is going to stomp her way through the Canyon, taking the harder lines. Well, this is the … [Read more...]