Hot day on Coyote Canyon, August 12, 2007

Seven rigs, some Moab local, some from out of state and 1 from Illinois, ventured out to Coyote Canyon on Sunday Aug. 12. The heat was on as these are the dog days of summer (it was around 100 degrees). Not to be deterred, we started off and soon found that conditions definitely changed to make obstacles a little more challenging. Everyone had a great time and was duly challenged by the trail (except for Jeff and Jim who generally make things look easy). Our only casualty was Dave's Green Jeep, driven by his wife, Dani. It was having mechanical problems and finally had to be left to be recovered later. Dani did a great job driving and was smiling the whole way! Of note on the trail was the fact that we had two Range Rovers: Alex Schubow's '98 Discovery (near Chicago, Illinois) and Larry … [Read more...]

Area BFE, August 4, 2007

Jim and Jeff went out to BFE for a couple hours to test out new modifications & repairs on the sammi's. We ran Minor Threat (including the Gatekeeper to Helldorado), and Green Day, and messed around at the Test Area. Everything went well, and the trails are in good shape. However, it seems that the rock-stackers have been busy in the Gatekeeper, and Minor Threat dosen't seem to be as tight as it used to be. Also, we saw more trash on the trails than in the past... sounds like a clean-up and rock un-stacking day is in order. … [Read more...]

Ouray / Silverton (Colorado), July 27-29, 2007

A few club members made a trip to Ouray & Silverton, CO on the last weekend of July, where we ran Poughkeepsie Gulch and Imogene, as well as a trip up Yankee Boy Basin. On Friday afternoon, we had some major thunderstorms, which dumped a lot of rain. There was some minor flooding up around Yankee Boy, but no real damage. The obstacle near the top of Poughkeepsie was wet from the rain, and even the locked rigs needed the winch to climb it. We had planned on running Black Bear Pass, but unfortunately a major washout a few days earlier had closed the trail. Local opinions varied greatly on how long repairs would take, so anyone planning on running this trail should check on its status first. … [Read more...]