Kane Creek Ice Run

Join us for the WeBeJeepin’ Ice Run through Kane Creek. This is not quite an annual tradition but it certainly has been a memorable one. This is another trail that we like to do in the ice (and small amounts of snow). The shelf road towards the end can be sketchy so have enough gas to get back to Moab in the unlikely event we get defeated and have to turn around.

Meet at the Slickrock Cinema at 9:00am and dress warmly!

Poison Spider Trail

Please meet at the Slickrock Cinema parking lot (weather permitting) to run Poison Spider. Depending on the snow levels, this trail may be canceled or changed so please check back for updates. Right now, there is not much snow but it’s that time of year.

Jax Trax

Meet at the South Shell Station to run Jax Trax. Please note the 8:00am departure time to allow for the extra highway driving.

This trail will be on the new trails for the 2014 EJS and it will be fun to have a preview by the experts. Here is what is written on the RR4W website about the trail:

The Cameo South is an area 25 miles south of Moab is an area never before visited by Jeep Safari. Jack Bickers, a club member in the beginning years, contributed many things to the EJS, mostly related to our trails and their names. Jax Trax is a tribute to Jack, made up of old mineral exploration roads he rediscovered in the 1990s. The trip has been carefully chosen to provide some four wheeling challenges while maximizing the views of the abundant scenery in this area. Those looking for extreme challenges will be disappointed, but novices are advised they may want to choose a different trip also. Approximate mileages 80 overall, 16 off pavement.

Bordered on the north by Wilson Arch, the south by Steen Road, and on the east by Lisbon Valley, there is abundant scenery on this trip. Great buttresses of Entrada Sandstone flank Agate Point and Cameo Mesa and are contrasted by the blue green of the sagebrush and the greens of the Pinion and Juniper trees. The La Sal peaks tower over the area, and the Abajos (aka Blue Mountains) are frequently in sight too.

The 5 rating gives the hint there won’t be many obstacles worthy of names, but Jack did leave us with the “Top Notch” and “El Diablo”. The latter, while not technically difficult for most vehicles, can be intimidating to the driver. But don’t worry, there is a slightly easier alternate route. The trip starts out in sandy Sandstone Draw that has sections that are pretty brushy. A shelfy little climb gets one up onto a sagebrush flat that offers views of the LaSals, Cameo Mesa and Agate Point before beginning a twisting bumpy descent into the middle reaches of a wash that drains into Sandstone Draw. Next up is a twisting, wandering tour of the area, sometimes down low , sometimes higher up with sweeping vistas.

The descent down to the “Top Notch”, and from there past Kokopelli Point and on down to Hook and Ladder Wash is interesting. Then the brushy, sandy bottom of Hook and Ladder is used to transition to the start of the trail named “El Diablo”. That trail brings the trip up onto Cameo Ridge, and from there along the south side of Cameo Mesa to reenter Sandstone Draw close to the start at Steen Road.

Hwy 191 Clean-Up

It’s time for our twice per year highway clean-up. Let’s meet at the Slickrock Cinema at 9:00am. This project usually takes less than 2 hours but bring good work gloves and water. We have 2 miles of 191 just north of Arches National Park and the more that show up for the clean-up, the quicker it goes. Reports say that the road looks pretty good but any help would be greatly appreciated.

The club will provide the trash bags and orange safety vests.


Moab Trail Marathon Support

Various meeting points and times depending on trail support area assignment. Please call Jeff if you are interested in volunteering for this event. Most support requires a 4×4 vehicle but there is one area (cave off of Kane Creek road) that can be reached by car. The Marathon is expecting over 1,300 runners with the majority running the 1/2 marathon distance. Trail support will be on Pritchett Canyon where it intersects with Hunter Canyon (all 1,300 runners) and at the top of Cliffhanger (400 runners) where the trail connects with the Jackson single-track.

San Rafael Swell Camping Trip

Let’s go on an overnight Jeep adventure to the San Rafael Swell. Meeting place is the Conoco station at the West end of Green River (1810 W. Main) on Saturday, October 26th, at 8:30am. Take 191 North from Moab and West on I-70. Take the second Green River exit and the station will be to your right. (there are two right across the street from each other, you want the Conoco)

The chosen camp site is at a fairly high elevation, 7,000ft so please bring warm clothes, extra blankets, etc. and prepare for freezing temperatures overnight. The forecast this weekend is for sun and highs near 70 so the day should be awesome. Although this will be a long couple of days, we are told that one tank full will suffice, so please top your tank at/near Green River.

There will also be a meeting point for those who want to join us for Sunday only. Please watch for details on the meeting point.